Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Everybody out here's trying to eat I see hookers and crack heads in white neighborhoods white on white crime white kids doing life times for slanging dimes profiled cause they look like they rhymed assassinated for speaking they mind hosed down at the party standing in line fed swine guts cut off your nuts for looking at black butts

Stuck with the stereotypes it ain't right x8

the paint there face white and tap dance across the stage and say that they hype and steal what you write wake you up with burning crosses on horses at night have your babies in fright all because you was white

What did he say?
I think he said that they did those things to us because we were white

Beat you with the billy club and say you on drugs shoot you 41 times for holding a bottle of bub probable cause pop able slugs into whites scholars they said was thugs its bug pop off your head from behind a truck your body they drug chained to a bumper just because of your height they think you're a dunker and real high jumper a watermelon chicken eaten monster hang you from a tree like a custom tradition come on y'all stop racism, ERACISM


VOTE 08'

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