Saturday, October 18, 2008


Been exercising lately and trying out new things like Parkour training. This gets my blood pumping. What made me pick this up was a few things: Jackie Chan has always been one of my favorites, this movie called District 13 with Cyril Raffaelli and David Belle (these dude's serious with it), what made me actually start messing around with it was when I was stumped on a beat and rhyme. I was so frustrated about this track I was working on that I had to get the heart rate moving, so I started jumping off a few things. Realizing a dude could get really hurt doing this crazy ish, did some research and found the Urban Free Flow. Go check'em out. Creating this album with a adrenaline rush yawl. Peace - Distrakt

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Anonymous said...

You know what else is fun....wheelchair't get hurt..we need in this hip hop world....1