Monday, September 15, 2008

Eat Up! (QTVR panorama)

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Was at the Waffle House getting some eats with one of my homeboys named Milogic We were building on the music biz, struggles and whatnot. I had some cheese eggs, crispy hash browns and wheat toast. We were the only ones in there. The cook was outside on a smoke break.

The dope thing is that they got these digital jukeboxes now that is connected to the internet that downloads digital music. So instead of a cat coming in switching out 45 records or compact discs, you just feed it a couple of bills and type in the artist name or song and it will look it up. Once it finds what your looking for it downloads it for a $1. Boom!!! Any joint you want right there. Your not stuck with just the top 100 Billboard hits anymore. You can actually say “hey I feel like hearing that song by Distrakt called “Few Bars”. So click on the Jukebox in the panoramic photo up above and listen to a few joints by yours truly.

As we move,
- Distrakt

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