Thursday, September 18, 2008

Toons (QTVR panarma)


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This is Toons Music & Film. This spot is where all the beat diggers looking for some rare jewels comes to. Mean I’ve found some of the rawest records here and some of the most magnificent masterpieces of independent films by stupendous directors, for example one of my favorite’s Vincent Gallo Buffalo ‘66. You can also catch him in Graffiti Rock a Hip Hop classic. Matter of fact this is the first place to carry my book called Distrakt Presents Study Your Lessons - Hip Hop Origins and rent out The Distrakt DVD Documentary. This spot holds many treasures. The first record I bought from here was Roy Ayers Ubiquity Red Black & Green and it only got better. Take a look around in the panoramic photo up above and see if you can find my CD Distraktions along with any favorite movie titles. There's much more to this store. You'll have to go see for your self, so stop by when your in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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