Thursday, November 6, 2008


EMU SP-1200 is my weapon of choice, but you know what? You could have any machine with high power features, with crazy connectivity and software integration with your Mac or PC, but none of it would work without a mutha#@*!&% WIRE! Wire's the nervous system for any pre-production or professional recording studio. Now great wire's not cheap. You could pay $100 for one cable or a $100 for eight cables. There's all types of brands out there to choose from with whatever color or texture you like, for me underground Hip Hop producers can't always afford that top quality joint. That's why you're seeing a dude use a more affordable grade of wire called Hosa™ that's plugged into the EMU SP-1200. Eventually will upgrade to Monster™, but this Hosa™ cable is part of the Distrakt sound and it works for what I'm going for. As we move - Distrakt

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