Saturday, November 29, 2008


One of my homeboys was over today and he asked me “Distrakt do you still play this Ghettoblaster? They don’t make cassette tapes anymore man!”. I looked at him and said “now you going to have to sit down for a session with my Ghettoblaster and me”, so I pulled out one of my favorite comic books and cartoonist Kyle Baker. With the comic book accompanied a cassette tape by one of the greatest emcees today KRS ONE as Big Joe Krash. Based on KRS One’s music, the comic tells the story of a rapper named Big Joe Krash that strives to educate the young African-American kids in his neighborhood. You follow the tape with the comic book and it’s a beautiful experience. I love sharing it with the seeds from time to time. After my cohort read and followed the tape, I played him some of my new beats and rhymes off the new album. He was buggin, because he said “now that sounds like some straight up Hip Hop that you just don’t hear anymore” and then tried to get a copy. Of course I said in due time fam. I like to transfer my beats and rhymes to tapes and listen to what it sounds like coming off a real boom box, because that’s how I heard Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, Rakim, BDP, Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh , Ultramagnetic MC’s, Keith Elam, Public Enemy, Marley Marl & the Juice Crew All Stars for the first time and many others. Fell in love with Hip Hop that way and that’s how I keeps the love. Distrakt new album coming SOON!

This video is dope to. Peep it!

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